I am a tech entrepreneur, an economist and an engineer. Built the technology to map world’s actionable wisdom and to improve it through evidence-driven AI. Created a platform that enables people and organizations to manages their priorities through quantification of time. Also contributing to the development of international standards in the fields of management consulting, AI and consumer policy.

I have launched two startups and a consulting firm; helped corporations improve their efficiency through AI/ML solutions and analytics strategies in manufacturing, eCommerce, fintech and healthcare sectors; led a global impact evaluation program of world’s largest multi-lateral development bank; modeled the long-term scenarios for one of the largest government pension plans in the world; won multiple awards and prizes including DARPA sponsored forecasting competition and one of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Challenges; developed the accounting standard for capitalization of intangible assets currently in use by all countries; created the first of its kind international database for estimating the rates of technological change; built one of the first software platforms that created no-code enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 clients.

I have advised governments and policymakers on a wide-range of issues; taught courses in business management, finance, trade, statistics and economics; managed teams of software engineers to develop enterprise products; helped companies solve business issues; have done quantitative modeling for forecasting; done academic research, presented in seminars and written reports, articles and papers on wide range of topics related to technology and markets.

I have a PhD in Economics from University of British Columbia and a B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur. I also have Executive Program certificates from Harvard University (Kennedy School) and Columbia University (Business School).